Rose of Sharon Rosaries

Handcrafted Rosaries by Shoshana Sharon

אני חבצלת השׁרון שׁושׁנת העמקים

I am Shoshana (the Rose) of Sharon and the lily of the valleys

(Song of Solomon 2:1) 

The rosary is like a light for the soul.  The beauty of the rosary brings hope and peace to all who are touched by it.

One of my hobbies is to make rosaries and I'd like to share them with you.  My rosaries are made with various types of beads - Plastic, Acrylic, Glass, Semi-Precious Gemstones and Swarovski Crystals.   I make most of my rosaries with 6mm beads which provides ease for most fingers and also provides a touch of delicacy to the spirit of the rosary.  For individuals with larger hands or who really like to savour the touch of the beads as they slip through the fingers, 8mm beads may be more comfortable.  My rosaries are made of either silver-toned metals or gilt toned metals.



  I welcome you to browse through the Rosary Gallery to see examples of Rosaries to view my work.


You may choose to purchase a READY-TO-BUY ROSARY 

You may also choose to DESIGN YOUR OWN ROSARY including your choice of beads, centre and crucifix.  You will also find optional medals that I currently have in stock that can either be attached to your Rosary or simply included in your purchase.